Hello, everyone! My name is Shannon and I created this blog to share my thoughts, feelings, and experiences about various topics, hobbies, and endeavors that I may partake in on any particular day.  I enjoy many things in life and they range from cooking and healthy eating, to essential oils, tea, yoga, traveling, and being a naturalist!  So if you are interested in trying something new or sharing something you have tried, you have come to the right place!

My new passions and hobbies may change from day-to-day, but when I find something I enjoy, I stick with it (even when I move on to my next new craze)!  I love the thrill of experiencing unique, exciting aspects of life and am ready to share them with you!

Your feedback and discussion is encouraged.  It would be great to hear your thoughts and experiences that relate to whatever topics may be discussed on this site! Please tweet, follow, like, share or whatever me so others can discover this blog and participate!

Embrace the day and enjoy the little things!


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