All essential oils are not created equal!

In short, the answer is YES, you can trust Young Living and the products they produce because of their Seed to Seal promise!

The FDA does not have strict regulations on essential oils. Therefore, many companies take short cuts and adulterate their oils to make a better profit, yet are still able to call their oils “therapeutic grade” or “100% pure”!

Warning: If an essential oil label says “do not take internally” or “not for internal use” that is a red flag right there! If the oil is 100% pure and therapeutic grade, you should be able to take it internally since it is simply the distilled oil from a plant (root, flower, bark, stem, leaf, bud, etc).

If you are skeptical about Young Living or essential oils in general, I suggest you do your own research and not just listen to what one article or a friend says.  Get out there and learn! The internet is full of rumors and slandering of everyone and every company, especially successful ones, so be sure to do thorough research.

Young Living

Before I began using Young Living exclusively I:

  • Did my own research (months worth)

  • Tried and compared a few different popular and supposedly high quality brands

  • Talked to friends who were already using essential oils

  • Read various blogs specific to essential oils


I recently read a very concise and informative article that inspired me to write this mini blog post.  If you would like to know why Young Living is the best without having to read pages and pages of blabber, check out this article! I would love to hear your thoughts too 🙂  [email protected]
Happy oiling to those of you who are “oilers”.  For those of you who haven’t yet embarked on your oil journey and are interested, I am here to help and would love to get you started!

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Shannon 🙂

Disclaimer: The information on this website is based upon my research and personal experiences. Use of Young Living Essential Oils and other products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. I am not a doctor or healthcare professional.