Jump Rope-Give it a Second Chance!

If you haven’t jump roped since Elementary school like the majority of adults, you should give it a second chance!

I recently started incorporating the jump rope into my workout routine after reading many articles about how great it is (which I was skeptical about).  I don’t know about you, but I personally had not jump roped (jumped rope!?) since Elementary school before beginning this routine. I figured it couldn’t hurt to give it a chance though and now I absolutely LOVE it! Not only is it amazing cardio, but a full body workout if done properly! It can also improve skills like eye/hand/foot coordination, agility, and endurance!

So, I’ll admit, the first few days I could do MAYBE 10 consecutive rotations before I would ultimately stumble and whip myself in the leg, but I stuck it out and after a few months I feel like a pro! It works your core and legs so effectively while also providing portable, efficient cardio! They have jump ropes with weighted handles too for a bonus arm workout! Also, there are so many variations you can try, which increase the difficulty and calorie burning opportunities! (one-legged, double -legged, criss cross, ski jumps, double go around in one jump, backwards, etc!)

My current jump rope routine I use as a warm-up for my workout:

Total time: 10-15 minutes

  • 1 minute: easy pace
  • 3 minutes: moderate pace
  • 30 sec: recovery pace (catch your breath)
  • 2 minutes: fast pace
  • 30 sec: recovery pace (catch your breath)
  • 3 minutes: Forward and backward jumps (jump forward across the room, then go back the same way jumping backwards, but keep the rope going forward)
  • 30 sec: recovery
  • Optional 2 minutes: ski jumps (basically just jump in place side to side keeping your feet facing forward)
  • 1 minute: cool down

jumo rope

I plan to continue incorporating jump roping into my daily workout routine and build up to a consecutive 30 minutes to use as my full cardio workout 1-2 days per week! It will be an efficient, no excuses workout in the summer too!

Give it a try yourself and let me know how it goes!

Click here for an interactive jump rope calorie calculator from Glamour Health!


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