These are some of the companies I order from regularly.  They all are great companies with amazing, high quality products! I have favorites from each company that I would like to share with you! Click on links throughout the page or the logos if you would like to check out their websites and teas/products!

Side-note: You are going to notice MANY Oolong teas mentioned…they are by far my favorite genre of tea!


Favorite Smacha teas:

  • Phoenix Mountain (Oolong) 
    • Definitely in my top 5 favorites of all time! This tea is so naturally fruity and delicious!
    • “This special, flavorful Oolong is grown near the top of Phoenix Mountain in a volcanic soil garden next to a mountain lake.  This particular Phoenix Oolong is the famous honey-orchid variety.  Its needle-sharp leaves brew a golden orange liquor full of peach and lychee notes, with a stone fruit aroma that hints of its charcoal firing.  Always on China’s Top 10 Teas!”
  • Mangalam Assam (Black)
    • This tea is very mild for a black tea, which are typically bold and get very bitter if not brewed properly.
    • To me, it has a great “dried cherry” taste! Everyone’s pallet is different though! There is no denying the fruity aspects of this tea, which can be rare in black teas that are generally more “earthy” tasting.
    • “The golden-brown color is typical of Assam teas, and its caramel flavors and hints of fruit come from the golden-tipped leaves. This tea originates from Eastern Himalayas and is popular in Southern India.”

Favorite Smacha Products:

  • Smacha Signature Autobrewer
    • “The Smacha Autobrewer, invented by Tea Master Jason Chen and patented in China and the US, is the result of almost two decades of development and refinement. Staying true to traditional Chinese design, the Autobrewer is made in Dehua, China, a city famous for its quality porcelain manufacturing and innovation. The secret to the Autobrewer is the way it controls the time it takes for the tea to go from the top brewing-vessel, through the stainless steel mesh filter, into the pitcher below. The brewing time is fixed by the size of the hole the brewed tea passes through, so the only variables in making the tea are the temperature of the water, and the amount of the dry leaves. The Smacha Autobrewer is great at home, at work, or as a gift, and the tea it makes does not disappoint. The Smacha Signature Autobrewer embodies our mission of making real tea available to everyone, in an easy, convenient, and delicious way-and in just two and a half minutes.”


This autobrewer is SO convenient! When I don’t have time to monitor the brewing process with a gaiwan or teapot, the autobrewer makes it simple and easy to brew a great cup of tea without over steeping, which can alter the taste of the tea entirely and create unpleasant bitterness! It even comes with a matching cup to sip the tea out of! I give it an A+!


(my autobrewer in use!)



Favorite Strand teas:

  • Organic Gaba Oolong  (What the heck is Gaba!?)
    • This tea is very hard to describe and a must try! It’s one of my “go-to” teas and I always try to have it in my tea cache! I love it and there are so many health benefits! It has a great fruity flavor that tastes most like fresh cherries to me!
  • Three Treasures (Oolong) 
    • “Three Treasures Oolong is a delicious treat from the famous Anxi Region of Fujian Province, home of the Ti Kwan Yin and Hairy Crab Oolongs. Three Treasures refers to the tea itself and then to its very pleasant coconut and pineapple flavors. The taste of this wonderful tea lingers on the palate and is perfect alone or paired with light food and snacks.”
    • I LOVE the natural taste of coconut and pineapple (no flavorings added, it’s just a natural aspect of the tea!) 
    • I utilize this tea sometimes when making my Kombucha because it gives it the tropical fruit flavor without adding any additional ingredients!
  • Organic Bai Lin Gong Fu (Black)
    • “Special Grade – An amazing tea and a great find. When you’ve learned all the rules about Black Tea, here is an exception. It is brewed at a lower temperature (like Green Tea) for longer – a full 6 minutes. You get a delicious cup with almost sweet nutty flavors and no bitterness.”
    • This is the main tea I use for my Kombucha because it is very flavorful AND organic!



Favorite Red Blossom Teas:

  • Jin Xuan Winter Sprout (Oolong)
    • This tea has a very complex flavor with a natural sweetness that is unmatched!
    • In my top 3 all time favorites!
    • It’s a tad expensive, but definitely worth it!
  • Wenshan Baozhong (Oolong)
    • This tea is great for every day drinking.
    • It is slightly sweet with a mild “vegetal” taste.
  • Tung Ting, Dark Roast (Oolong)
    • If you are a coffee drinker and typically don’t like tea, THIS is the tea for you!
    • The slow roasting caramelizes the tea, which gives it a subtle sweetness with a depth and complexity of flavor similar to coffee! It’s bold and very delicious!

Favorite Red Blossom Products:

  • Apprentice Yixing Teapot
    • This was the first “authentic” teapot I ever bought.  It was about 5 years ago and I am still enjoying it to this day!
    • The price is right and the craftsmanship superb!
    • I would definitely recommend this teapot to anyone just starting out who is looking to get more involved with tea.
  • Long Bamboo Tea Tray
    • This tray allows you to pour tea without worries of spilling because it has a reservoir below that catches any excess tea!
    • It is perfect for serving tea “Gong Fu” style.
    • I utilize this tray when drinking tea on my own or serving others! Not only does it make your service feel more authentic, but it serves a purpose as well!