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Summer 2014 and prior

  • Had an interest in essential oils, but didn’t know much and never really did the necessary research.
    • Unfortunately bought a few common oils (lavender, eucalyptus, tea tree) from local health stores thinking they would be the highest quality (Little did I know, I was sooooo wrong!!!)

Summer 2015

  • Researched, researched, researched!
    • I read blog after blog and spend hours scouring Pinterest for the best answers!
    • If I found a source, I made sure the person was credible and did actual research.  Not just sharing their personal opinion!
    • Ordered a starter kit from DoTerra (shamefully) because it was the smallest kit I could find that had the oils I wanted (peppermint, lavender, and lemon).

October 2015

  • Found the blog, “theoildropper“, read some of her stuff, liked what I saw, and ordered my Young Living Starter Kit!
  • Thanks to Cari Caraway, I officially began my oil journey with Young Living and am so grateful!

November 2015

  • I am officially hooked on Young Living essential oils because not only are they high quality and effective, they actually started enhancing my every day life and overall wellness in so many ways!
  • I took advantage of a MAJOR Black Friday deal from Young Living and was able to get the most AMAZING oil diffuser ever, the Aria!!!!!
  • I started listening to various Podcasts on essential oils and learned more and more every day!
    • Essential Oil Educator (even though they discuss DoTerra brand once in awhile, they still give a lot of great info about oils)
    • The Essential Oil Revolution
    • Medicine Cabinet Makeover with Essential Oils 
      • This guy provides great tips, recipes, and uses for specific oils in under 10 min!
  • Cari and I discussed me hosting an Essential Oils 101 class on Facebook and possibly beginning to sell oils.
  • Started spreading the word about Young Living (YL) essential oils to my friends and family!

December 2015

  • Hosted my first Essential Oils 101 class on Facebook
  • Obtained my first Premium Starter Kit sign-up! (Thanks Jenna!)
  • Started making my own roller bottle mixtures, room sprays, and other items with essential oils
    • Gave to family and friends as gifts
    • Would like them to see the amazing benefits YL essential oils can provide!
  • Brought a diffuser to work and everyone walking into or even near my office always says, “Wow, it smells great in here! What is it!?”
    • This brings great conversation about essential oils and allows me to plant the oil “seed”!!!